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Hydrants / Fire Lanes


To better serve our citizens we ask that property owners assist us by maintaining at least a 3 foot circumference that is clear of brush, trees, fences, vehicles, etc., around each hydrant on their property. When parking near a hydrant on the side of a road, park about 5 feet away to allow access for a fire engine to park and utilize the necessary hose needed to hook up to the hydrant.


According to the Uniform Fire Code all designated fire lanes must be unobstructed by vehicles and debris. A 20 foot unobstructed width must be maintained for easy access of fire apparatus. These lanes are identified with NO PARKING FIRE LANE, either painted on the ground, or on a posted sign. The lines designating the fire lane will be painted in yellow. Any further questions please call the Northshore Fire Department at 425-486-2784.